We’re in Switzerland


We’ve made it to Basel! The trip out here went pretty smoothly. The flight was on time and actually took off with me this time unlike the last time I was supposed to take the SFO-ZRH flight. Chris seemed to enjoy business class, as we expected he would. We got through immigration and got to Basel with no issues.

We got a brief introduction to our apartment, which is pretty spacious. It’s bigger than our house and there’s a surprising amount of storage space. We’ll see if I still feel the same way after the stuff I shipped comes on Friday, though.


My favorite thing about the apartment, however, is the view. We have a beautiful view of the Rhine River from our balcony and easy access to the pedestrian path. This means that we also have a front row view of the locals floating down the Rhine River. I didn’t realize how many people do it, even though it’s a weeknight. I have to say, watching all the people float down the river is getting me on the bandwagon. We may have to test this out over the weekend.


In any case, since moving in, we’ve unpacked the items we carried with us to Switzerland, had a bit of a situation trying to figure out how our lock worked, walked around the neighborhood, and took a field trip to the supermarket at the train station since the one near us was closed. We also had dinner at a local restaurant, where we both ended up getting giant orders of flatbread that we could have definitely shared. It was good, though. There was mozzarella di bufala, which I forgot I would have much easier access to here in Switzerland.


Other than that, it’s a lot hotter here than I expected, but I’m sure we’ll get used to it over the next week.

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