The Swiss Life: Finding my Routes


I am less than a month away from my next half marathon and have not been doing too much on the running front. I’m not completely panicked about it because 1) I have actually maintained a pretty consistent strength training routine, 2) my weekend mileage the past few months has been pretty high from all of the traveling and walking I’ve been doing, and 3) I really don’t run that fast. Nevertheless, I have to start at some point and with the extreme heat of the summer and not being around most weekends, it’d been hard to get started until now.

Back at home, I have my standard routes. I have my “I’m too busy/lazy, but need to get some mileage in” 2 mile loops, my 5k, 10k, and the 8+ mile routes that wind around the nearby trails. Moving to a new place means that I need to find routes that meet these criteria. Didn’t take long to find the 2 mile loop and I’ve found a 10k(ish) route, but I will need to keep looking around for new places to run at different distances.


For today’s long run, I decided to take a roundabout loop that took me to the German border, you know, because I can. It reminded me of the first time I came to Basel and did a shorter version of this route. It’s silly, but I remember running by the houses along the Rhine and thinking how cool it’d be to live in one of them. Who knew?

Speaking of this half marathon, it turned out to be a bit of an adventure completing my registration for my race. You apparently have to get a doctor to sign off on half marathons and higher in France. I knew about this when I registered for the race, but thought that the form was required some time in September. I just happened to be checking the site Thursday night when I learned that the form was actually due on Friday. This caused some scrambling for both Chris and me, but I think we’re all set now. The worst case scenario would have been that we just spend the weekend in Paris, so it wouldn’t have been completely bad. But, now that I have it, I guess I have to find another race in France to do to make all that hustle worthwhile.

In any case, I realized that I have to be somewhat local if I want to get some good long runs in before the half, so we’ll see what the next few weeks will be like. Here’s to some Sunday Rundays and foam rolling sessions.


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