In Search of a Burger, Milkshake and Fries

Happy Friday everyone. Today I learned that Basel has an American themed diner. Like a proper 1950s style diner playing American baseball on the TV.

I’ve been watching season 2 of Riverdale recently, which, for the record, is kind of beautiful mess. It’s like if the writers of Gossip Girl and Gotham got together to write Archie fanfic that used the storylines of Veronica Mars and PLL. A beautiful mess. In any case, so many of the scenes take place at the diner that I have been craving a milk shake like mad.

So, I did what any person in the 21st century would do: I ran a Google search for “Milkshake” and “Basel” and found a diner. Now, I will admit that I felt a little silly being an American who can barely speak the local language, going to an American themed restaurant for the most stereotypically American meal. Nevertheless, the burger was pretty amazing and I don’t regret it. They also have a pretty extensive Italian menu there (since it’s technically an Italian-American restaurant) and their bread was delicious.

And now I am here at home on the second half of my Baz Luhrmann double feature.

Happy Friday!


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