Eating Our Way Through Amsterdam

Back to Amsterdam, even though it feels like it’s been years since we were there.

We ate our way through Amsterdam, which isn’t the worst way to spend your time in a city. I actually built up the foodie courage to try the Dutch herring this time around, but Chris was not into the idea at all. We’re actually going to be back there next month, so maybe I can convince someone else in the group to do it?

So, let’s start.

We kicked off our food tour with brunch at The Avocado Show, If you can’t tell from the name, it’s an avocado themed restaurant. We learned about this place on a Facebook video. Chris went with an avocado eggs benedict dish. I, on the other hand, went with the much more social media-friendly avocado Wagyu burger. It puts a new spin on the concept of an avocado burger. It was incredibly difficult to eat, but was as good as it looked.



Almost immediately after we had brunch, we went to Albert Cuyp Market, where we quickly faced the next to things we wanted to try while we were in Amsterdam.

The first were the poffertjes, which are small Dutch pancakes that are cooked on molds that are similar to the Japanese takoyaki molds. We split a small order topped with some Nutella. It was just as fun watching them make the poffertjes as it was to eat eat them.




They actually had them at our hotel breakfast the next morning. They were good, but somehow not quite the same without the whole market experience.

Almost directly across from the stand selling poffertjes was the first stroopwaffel stand and the next thing we wanted to try to eat. We were understandably a little stuffed at the time, so did what any normal person would do and took a lap around the market before going back for the stroopwaffels.

Now, I love stroopwaffels, but hot, freshly made stroopwaffels are something else. They are messy and get everywhere, but they are absolutely perfect.



We took a break from eating after that and spent the time touring the city until dinner. We were going to try out Amsterdam’s Korean food scene, but we also walked through Chinatown during our walking tour and I realized that I hadn’t had Chinese food in forever. Our guide recommended New King restaurant. The food was pretty good, albeit a little salty.



Do you know what else I haven’t had in forever? Boba. I thought I would have to wait until I go home to have boba again, but then I saw the tell tale tapioca pearls and knew there was a place nearby. It was several doors down from the restaurant we ate at. The line took quite a long time (another point for the trope about the Bay Area vibes during our Amsterdam trip) and the use of the Earl Gray tea as the tea base was a little too strong for the taro milk tea, but it was boba and I have missed boba.


Day two of our fooding around Amsterdam started with breakfast at the hotel. It was standard breakfast spread, with some Dutch food mixed in.

At noon, we lined up at Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx for some of the best fries that I’ve had for quite some time. You can choose from a lot of sauces, but we went with the classic sauce.


Our last stop of our eating tour of Amsterdam was Brouwerj’t IJ, the brewery by the windmill, where we had sausages, Dutch cheese and a lot of beer.



So, that was our food tour of Amsterdam. I’m sure we may repeat some of these stops next time we’re there (fries, I’m looking at you), but I look forward to trying more food on our next visit.

2 thoughts on “Eating Our Way Through Amsterdam

  1. There is no shortage of good food in Amsterdam. Mmmmmm Poffertjes and stroopwaffel. You should have tried the Indonesian Rijstaffel, but his is a huge feast, so can not be taken lightly. Good post. Allan

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