Big changes are afoot. I’ll be moving abroad in two months, which really isn’t much time at all. There’s still a lot to do and the fact that I’ll be gone for so long hasn’t completely hit me yet.

In any case, this will probably be mostly quiet for the next two months as I figure out how to actually set up a somewhat decent blog instead of something that I pull together a day or two before a trip.

I had initially created a Switzerland specific travel blog to chronicle everything. It was a cute David Bowie reference. I realized, though, that I can’t actually do anything with that blog after I return, so I figured I’d use a more global name and see where that takes me. In case you’re concerned, the David Bowie reference will continue to live in this blog as a page with all of the Switzerland-specific posts.

In other logistics, I’ve also created a Flickr account for the first time (I think). I’m still also trying to figure that out as well.

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