Packing for a Year

Checking in again now that we have about a month before I leave. We started packing up the house and packing for the trip this past weekend. It seems a little late, but at least it’s happening.

It’s been an interesting challenge figuring out how to pack for an entire year. The place I will be moving to will be furnished, so I don’t have to worry about moving furniture. I’ll primarily be bringing over clothes. There’s a lot of clothes I’d like to bring, but I know I don’t actually need it all (I mean, who really needs more than six pairs of running pants other than me?). I’ve whittled down the clothes a lot, but I’m sure I probably have to do a second pass. I haven’t even thought of shoes yet either. Or purses for that matter. I’m having serious pack rat struggles right now.

In addition to clothes, I’m trying to stock up on things that I’ll need (or think I’ll need for the year). Even there, though, I’m trying not to go overboard. I mean, they do have stores in Switzerland. On the other hand, there are certain products I know I like and want to make sure I have it for the year.

The shipping company comes by to pack up my stuff in two weeks. Until then, it’s a matter of setting aside the stuff to take with me and then packing up the house.

It’s a busy time, but it’ll all get done.

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