The Annual Rhine Swim


Every year, Basel holds the Rheinschwimmen, which is a day in the summer where thousands of people will swim down the Rhine. Yesterday evening’s event was the 38th annual Rheinschwimmen (or Rhine Swim).

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the event, but it was branded with giveaways, balloons, and a sunscreen station. The procession of people walking towards the Tiguely Museum was more steady than usual and  it was a generally lively event. There was evening a guy spraying everyone on the shore with a hose. In general, it truly was just one big party.

I wasn’t going to jump in, but I was already in my swim suit and it was just instinct to follow the flood of people walking upstream. I figured if there’s any day when I’m comfortable jumping in alone, it’s the day when there are thousands of other people also swimming.

So, there we go. It’s a short post, but I felt I had to report back on the Rhine Swim.


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