The Swiss Life: A Very Swiss Birthday

Technically I’m a little overdue for this one, but I feel like you’ve gotten mini updates from me over the last few weeks. I’m not going to post too much for this one as I feel like my six month check in should have been satisfied with the posts about the new year and Christmas in Basel. I guess.

Today is my birthday (yay), which has been a good day all in all. It’s a custom here to bring in treats for your birthday, so I tried to go as all-out on American treats as my baking skills (and desire to haul things from the US to Switzerland) would take me. For example, would have loved to bake red velvet cupcakes, but I have never made cream cheese frosting and did not want to experiment for the first time here. And who wants to haul cream cheese frosting over from the US. I found red velvet cookies that were pretty good. And I baked a lot of brownies that came out surprisingly well.

Otherwise, it’s just been a week of easing back into work after being gone for two weeks. It’s been nice being back in Basel (despite the cold). We even had some very light snow; not enough to be messy but just enough to make things look pretty outside. I’ve been walking along the river more often. It’s kind of Eponine-esque when I’m by myself in the cold, but it’s nice to get some walking in and I do love walking along the Rhine.


My weekend plans fell through, so I’ve also been trying to figure out a plan B. I haven’t gone anywhere in a while (…two week trip back to the US aside), so I feel like it’s time to put on those adventure pants and go somewhere. I’ll figure it out.

Until then, take care.

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