The Swiss Life: Nine Months and a Crazy April

It’s now Monday and Chris has gone back to the States. Unless I get some crazy thought in my head, last weekend was the of a two month stint of back to back weekend travel, sandwiched with London trips (that involved the West End on top of that!). It’s been a busy time. Between work, travel, Fasnacht and everything else, the past month has been kind of a whirlwind. Chris is gone for seven weeks this time around, which is the longest stretch since late/summer fall, but it’s the last one of these stretches. It’s bitter-sweet in a way as it’s another reminder that this year is almost over.


We’re about only a week into the month of April and the one thing I can tell is that April is kind of weird. Last week, we went from summer-like weather where everyone was hanging out along the Rhine to inches of snow in a matter of days. People seem to have their own quotes to describe the unpredictability of April and you can quickly tell why. I was just about to pack up my winter clothes and, apparently, it’s still appropriate weather for lined jeans.

Beyond the fact that my small glimpse of summer weather was taken away from me, I can’t complain about the cold because it means we have an extension of fondue season. We’ve had our fair share of fondue over the past month for various reasons. Also, I’m not really looking forward to the extreme heat.


Fasnacht came and went, but you can still see hints of it with a spec or two of confetti in the cracks on the ground. Now everything is all geared up for the Easter season, meaning that there are chocolate rabbits and eggs everywhere. There’s always a reason to eat chocolate in this country. I can’t complain. The other benefit of Easter season is that there’s ham in the stores again. It seems like a weird thing to be excited about, but the ham here is really good.

So, yes, while it doesn’t completely feel like it yet, it’s springtime in Basel. Supposedly we’ll start seeing the first glimpses of the Rhine floaters soon, meaning that it’s going by too fast.

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